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VW T5 Transporter - Box body Ambulance

Specification of vehicle: VW TRANSPORTER T5 GP, LWB 3400 mm, engine 2,0 TDI, engine power 103 kW, color white, driver's and passenger's airbag, ABS+EDS+ASR, ESP, exterior heated rear-view mirrors, electrically adjustable,with extended arms, electric window lifts twice in driver cab, front fog lights, basic tool kit, manual air condition in driver cab, 2 folding car-keys, preassembly for car radio, single passenger's seat, driver's seat with back and arm pad, electronic interface for connecting of external devices, total vehicle weight 3200 kg, engine pre-heating, sumpguard, additional battery 75 Ah 420 A with dividing relay, magnified alternator, central locking w. remote control and safety fuse, switch panel on dashboard, brake assist. Kilometer reading 20.000 Km.

Specification of conversion:
Engine precuring Defa 700W / 230V1
Connecting cable 15 m to outside square socket1
Warm air heating Defa 2000W1
Thermostat for heating - 230 V1
Charging lantern Mag-Lite 230 V supplied1
Doublesocket 230 V2
Charger Waeco PerfectCharge IU252A - 12V/25A1
230 V electricity distribution with outside square socket for VW T51
Spot light rotating - 2 pcs1
Preassembly for radio communication 80-160 MHz1
Search light front halogen PAL 55W 12V1
12V electricity distribution for VW T51
Socket 12V6
Socket 12 V reinforced - for incubator1
Reading lamp Hella1
Sound signal to the driver1
Search light rear halogen 55 W1
Working lights Hella Picador on the rear roof1
Thermostat for heating - 12 V1
Thermobox - electric instalation in cabinet1
Ceiling fan Kalori1
Autoradio Pionner DEH-1220 MP1
Air condition of patient compartment for box body placed in cabinet - VW T51
LED strap 1 m in AL molding for embedment2
LED strap cold white 2x 2,5 m in AL molding2
LED strap 20 cm in AL molding - illumination of entrance step2
Switch panel on dash board in driver's cabin - original VW1
Camera parking system with 5.6" monitor, connected with control unit and second interior camera of white color in patient compartment1
Third stop light Hella for box body ambulance1
Wiring of power closing system in box body VW T51
Backup beep1
Stroboscopic beacon blue LP 400 SL2
Loudspeaker Dynamax1
Siren MS 4000 U1
Light FSV Impaxx blue 2 Pcs - mounting in front grille1
Light FSV QL 64 blue 2 Pcs - mounting on the sides of the vehicle1
Light FSV Microled Plus Sputnik without disconnecter, clear glass, white shine - 2 pcs - embedded2
LED lights blue FS (edge) embedded in front spoiler - 2 pairs (left+right)1
Quick-coupling 1 Pc2
Oxygen distribution-2x quick-coupling on panel and 2x quick-coupling on bottles . 1xdouble holder for 10 L oxygen bottle1
Connecting hose 0,5 m to oxygen bottle2
Stiffening for stretcher table placed in box body1
Ceiling cabinet front simple1
Ceiling cabinet rear simple1
Assembly on bulkhead - partition for case and heating, partition for infusions and 2x drawer, partition for folding seat, drawer, sink and 2 cans, partition for thermobox and 2 drawers1
5 shelfs for medicine with lock drug safe1
Folding seat on bulkhead with stowage space and locker for thermobox without electrical set1
Cabinet for vacuum mattress1
Floor ALTRO in cabinet with entrance lining1
Ceiling panel in box body with tilting PE-bags holders and space for spot lights1
Side panel in box body for switches, sockets and quick couplings1
Desinfection dispenser1
Extinguisher 2 Kg1
Waste bin1
Holder for defibrillator LP 121
Evac-chair holder1
Handrail rear right1
Sideways sliding stretcher table SN-21
Bracket for box of contaminated material diam. 100 mm1
Stainless plate on rear door1
Hot-water heating dependent Zephyr 530E1
Seat C.I.E.B. 841 00, right, folding, rotating, with 3-point safety belt and positioning back rest1
Seat C.I.E.B. 843 30, left, fixed, with folding seat, positioning back rest and 3-point safety belt1
Holder for infusion PE bags - 2x hooklet in hinged part of ceiling panel1
Covering VW T5 high roof by 3M foil - extra covering1
Mat film on windows foil1
Air rear axle suspension - VB Airsuspension1
Box body1
Front spoiler VW T51
Retaining system Medirol Rollfix1
Holder for Accuvac suction unit incl. mounting1
Price: on your request